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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Written By Walter Leonard 12/5/2015
"Improvement in circulation has a cascade of benefits
involving every system of the body."

Massage, in all its forms, works to improve circulation.  However, some types of massage provide better results for specific conditions than others.  
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) is a very slow, light pressure massage that works the lymphatic system rather than the muscles.  

It's used 
  • before and after surgery to facilitate recovery
  • to enhance results of cosmetic surgery and reduce recovery time
  • to relieve edema (swelling)
  • to boost sluggish immune system function
  • to improve the health and appearance of skin
  • to treat chronic pain
  • to treat stress and mild anxiety

The lymphatic system is the main part of your immune system.  It works to keep your body free of dead cells, proteins, and invading cells like bacteria and viruses.  

The initial lymphatics, the first point of contact for your immune system to all this debris, lies between the skin and muscles.  It absorbs all the cellular debris and contaminants and moves them to the lymph nodes where they are consumed and destroyed by the lymphocytes (t-cells and b-cells, the "warrior bugs" of the immune system).     

Lymphatic massage helps push all this cellular debris back into the lymph system where it is processed and illiminated, speeding things up and  the massage must be very light.  It will move skin, and lymph, but not muscle.  Pressure deep enough to work the muscle temporarily collapses the inital lymphatics and 

It enhances the immune system function in several different ways, improving the bodys ability to heal and recover from surgery or injury, resist mild illnesses such as colds and allergy related sinus infections, improve the condition of the skin, reducing the appearance of rosacia and acne.  It's also very relaxing and provides many benefits of reduced stress.

Before a surgery, a lymphatic drainage massage will help remove stagnant fluid from the tissues and increase blood flow, preparing the area to best handle the surgery.  After surgery, it helps remove inflammation, speed healing, and minimize scar tissue.

LDM is used after an injury for the same reasons.  It clears the area of the cellular debris and inflammation and allows the healing chemical response and nutrients access to the injury.
LDM effectively treats a sluggish immune system.  If you frequently come down with colds, sinus infections or other mild ailments, or if you are slow to recover from them, LDM can stimulate your immune system to reduce the occurances.

Relief of stress and tension are unintended results of LDM. It is a very gentle, rythmic, light technique.  Frequently clients doze off during a session.  After, they comment they feel lighter, less weighed down, and very relaxed.  
Chronic fatigue, mild depression, and chronic soft tissue pain are also helped in this same way.  It's the "less weighed down" feeling and reduced stress at work.

Traveler's edema is the result of enforced inactivity.  It causes swelling in the hands, feet, and legs.  LDM can remove edema and reduce the pain and stiffness that go along with it.